Canada Business Network


Ressources Entreprises is one of the business service centres of the Canada Business Network, an initiative of the Government of Canada, managed by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions. As such, Ressources Entreprises offer services, free of charge, to all businesses located in the regions of Eastern Quebec, delimited by area codes 418 and 581.

About Canada Business Network (CBN)

Canada Business Network provides your business with the resources it needs to grow and prosper, including a wide range of information on government services, programs and regulations.

Canada Business Network promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides assistance through an organized network of service centres across Canada, namely one in each province and territory. Moreover, each centre is working with partners in many communities across their region, providing you with numerous service access points.

We strive to:

  • Reduce the complexity of dealing with multiple levels of government;
  • Consolidate business information for businesses in one convenient service;
  • Enable you to make well-informed business decisions in a global economy;

Contribute to your success through sound business planning, market research and the use of strategic business information.

To contact CBN

Phone: 1-888-576-4444

TTY: 1-800-457-8466

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At Ressources Entreprises, your satisfaction and the improvement of our services are our main concerns. Our advisers strive to provide you with accurate, precise and up-to-date information, to the best of their knowledge, as well as a courteous and professional service dedicated to meeting your needs in business information.

  • Our services are offered in the official language of your choice.
  • We make many means of communication available in order to be able to answer your questions: by phone, fax and e-mail, as well as a toll-free number for all Quebec regions: 1-800-322-INFO (4636)
  • You can reach us during business hours, meaning between 8:30am and 5:00pm, from Monday to Friday.
  • Your requests are processed as follows:
  • On the business day following your request, we send you an acknowledgement of receipt
  • Your request is processed within a maximum of ten business days
  • We advise you if a delay in the process of your request for information is deemed necessary and give you the length of the delay when appropriate

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our services, please send us your comments by e-mail; we will do everything to promptly resolve the issue.