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Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions is Ressources Entreprises’ primary partner. At the heart of the ecomonic development of Quebec regions, the Agency helps businesses, communities and organizations that support them, thanks to its network comprising 14 business offices scattered throughout the territory.



Ressources Entreprises is a member of the Canada Business Network, a Government of Canada initiative administered by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions. As such, Ressources Entreprises serves all businesses located in the regions of Eastern Quebec.


Privileged Partners

CCQ (cciq)_color

La Chambre de commerce et d’Industrie de Québec acts as a leader and partner for a sustained economic development of the Quebec City region and provides services promoting networking, skill enhancement and access to market opportunities to business people.


logoLa Chambre de commerce de Lévis is the leader and unifier of the business community. It actively contributes to the growth of its region in a spirit of cooperation.



La Chambre de commerce du secteur ouest de Portneuf (CCSOP) is a local service supported and financed by its members, who co-operate in a sustainable business development approach. Close to its community, the Chamber provides networking services and undertakes projects that meet the needs of its members. The Chamber covers seven rural municipalities of the Portneuf RCM:  Deschambault-Grondines, Saint-Alban, Saint-Casimir, Saint-Gilbert, Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, Saint-Thuribe and Saint-Ubalde.