Beauty Parlours and Spas in Quebec

18 December 2012 in Home, our clients by Communication

salons beauté et spas québecOur customer is a beauty parlour and personal care salon. In its start-up phase, the company called on our services to obtain market information.

Firstly, to better identify its competitors, we produced a listing of beauty parlours and spas in its neighbouring geographical area. We also provided financial indicators, allowing the company to compare itself to companies in its line of business.

Moreover, to find out which services had the most significant market potential, the customer received data on consumption habits of Quebecois households and on the supply of care in Quebec. Our research officers also included newspaper clippings and data related to this activity.

Lastly, to help our customer better identify its targets, this research outlined socio-demographic profiles of Quebecois in regards to beauty parlours and spas.

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