La Baconnerie: Retail business specialized in selling bacon

12 June 2015 in financing programs - start-up, Home, News, our clients, Support and financing programs by Communication

la baconnerieRead the account of Alexandre Leclerc, owner of La Baconnerie, retail business specialized in selling bacon. Leclerc sought the help of our SME Advisory Service, which helped him in starting up his business:

“Ressources Entreprises was for me the gateway to entrepreneurship. This organization helped me take the first steps towards the realization of my project, allowing me, among other things, to find my way through the business world, obtain information upon which create a strong business plan, learn the steps to be taken as well as the organizations I would have to get in contact with along my journey. With this knowledge in hand, I was able to carry out this project by opening my first branch.” Alexandre Leclerc, La Baconnerie

Information received: Financing programs for young entrepreneurs and for start-up companies, steps towards developing a business plan.

About La Baconnerie

La Baconnerie is the first store dedicated solely to bacon in Quebec, offering a variety of bacon flavours (Cajun, honey and balsamic vinegar, dark beer, etc.), as well as items related to bacon (bacon soap, stuffed toy in the shape of bacon, t-shirts, etc.). La Baconnerie also distributes a selection of beers brewed in Quebec microbreweries and a selection of specialized hot sauces.

To learn more about La Baconnerie, visit its Website: