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La Baconnerie: Retail business specialized in selling bacon

12 June 2015 in financing programs - start-up, Home, News, our clients, Support and financing programs by Communication

la baconnerieRead the account of Alexandre Leclerc, owner of La Baconnerie, retail business specialized in selling bacon. Leclerc sought the help of our SME Advisory Service, which helped him in starting up his business:

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Canadian yew

18 March 2015 in business listings, Home, marketing studies, our clients, Profile sector of activity, statistics data by Communication

If du CanadaRead the account of Audrey Coulombe, Project coordinator at Serdex International, who sought the help of our information research services

“In February 2015, SERDEX International submitted a research request to Ressources Entreprises, in relation to the Canadian yew, a plant known for its pharmaceutical properties. We were very satisfied with the information the team was able to provide us. The numerous data allowed us to examine certain marketing leads and to eliminate other leads. And it is the same when it comes to the amount of research we started in collaboration with Ressources Entreprises. Thank you and congratulations for your vital services for our organization”

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L’Accroché: Indoor climbing centre

25 February 2015 in Home, marketing studies, our clients, Profile sector of activity, statistics data by Communication

témoignage l'accrochéRead the account of Philippe Rancourt, owner of the indoor climbing centre L’Accroché, first of its kind on the south shore of Quebec City.

“Ressources Entreprises provided us with crucial support in regards to our project. Without the provided data and statistics, it would have been impossible to produce a consistent and valued sectorial comparison. With this help, we completed all the steps of our business start-up. When we needed help, the advisers and officers had a clear understanding of our file and were able to promptly direct us.

Ressources Entreprises’ support gave credibility to our project and conferred it the soundness needed to convince financing committees. Ressources Entreprises is vital assistance when it comes to drafting a concrete business plan supported by real and up-to-date information.”

About L’Accroché

L’Accroché is the first indoor climbing centre on the south shore of Quebec City. Thanks to its location, L’Accroché offers climbers all they need to have a fun climbing outing. This offer is adapted to all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers. We offer over 35 bouldering paths and 25 rappelling routes and leader.

No matter the weather, you will climb in the best conditions thanks to large windows letting in large amounts of sunlight as well as an air-conditioning unit ensuring an optimal temperature.

L’Accroché offers climbing routes out of the ordinary providing you with challenges and a lot of fun and to surpass yourself.

To learn more about this satisfied client, visit the L’Accroché Website: http://laccrocheescalade.com/


Beauty Parlours and Spas in Quebec

18 December 2012 in Home, our clients by Communication

salons beauté et spas québecOur customer is a beauty parlour and personal care salon. In its start-up phase, the company called on our services to obtain market information.

Firstly, to better identify its competitors, we produced a listing of beauty parlours and spas in its neighbouring geographical area. We also provided financial indicators, allowing the company to compare itself to companies in its line of business.

Moreover, to find out which services had the most significant market potential, the customer received data on consumption habits of Quebecois households and on the supply of care in Quebec. Our research officers also included newspaper clippings and data related to this activity.

Lastly, to help our customer better identify its targets, this research outlined socio-demographic profiles of Quebecois in regards to beauty parlours and spas.

Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know more about a particular research, please contact our research service

Human Resources Advisory Service Industry in Quebec City

2 October 2012 in business listings, Home, marketing studies, our clients, Research Reports by Marie-José Ouellet - Ressources Entreprises

Startup Stock PhotosOur customer needed an overview of the human resources advisory service sector in Quebec City. We thus provided him with a directory of human resources management and talent management businesses and advisers. Our customer also wanted to know the trends and challenges of the human resources field in Quebec. We provided him with three (3) staff retention guides, written by leading actors in Quebec. Our expertise in market information allowed our customer to receive key information within a very short period of time.



Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know more about a particular research, please contact our research service