Market information research

startup-photosMarket information research service provides statistical data and qualitative information that help you, amongst other things, complete a business plan, apply for financing, and analyze domestic and international markets. Business listings will help you get to know your competitors or target your potential suppliers, distributors and customers.

Our research officers give you socio-demographic data, statistics, market surveys, business listings and any business-related information you will need to move your projects forward:

  • Business listing: Potential customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • Financial indicators: Ratios, Balance sheets
  • Socio-demographic profile of your customers
  • Household expenditures
  • Line of business or geographic market portraits
  • Sources and references research
  • And much more…

A 15 minute research is free, while a more in-depth research is available at a very competitive price. At our Business Resource Centre, you can consult many publications and specialized databases and this, free of charge.

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Market information research service
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