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La Baconnerie

La Baconnerie: Retail business specialized in selling bacon

Read the account of Alexandre Leclerc, owner of La Baconnerie, retail business specialized in selling bacon. Leclerc sought the help of our SME Advisory Service, which helped him in starting up his business:

Canadian yew

Read the account of Audrey Coulombe, Project coordinator at Serdex International, who sought the help of our information research services “In February 2015, SERDEX International submitted a research request to Ressources Entreprises, in relation to the Canadian yew, a plant known for its pharmaceutical properties. We were very satisfied with the information the team was … »

témoignage l'accroché

L’Accroché: Indoor climbing centre

Read the account of Philippe Rancourt, owner of the indoor climbing centre L’Accroché, first of its kind on the south shore of Quebec City. “Ressources Entreprises provided us with crucial support in regards to our project. Without the provided data and statistics, it would have been impossible to produce a consistent and valued sectorial comparison. … »

Beauty Parlours and Spas in Quebec

Our customer is a beauty parlour and personal care salon. In its start-up phase, the company called on our services to obtain market information. Firstly, to better identify its competitors, we produced a listing of beauty parlours and spas in its neighbouring geographical area. We also provided financial indicators, allowing the company to compare itself … »

Human Resources Advisory Service Industry in Quebec City

Our customer needed an overview of the human resources advisory service sector in Quebec City. We thus provided him with a directory of human resources management and talent management businesses and advisers. Our customer also wanted to know the trends and challenges of the human resources field in Quebec. We provided him with three (3) … »

Meat Processing in Canada

This information research helped us draw a portrait of the agri-food processing industry in Canada, particularly the meat processing industry. They feature statistical data related to the number of companies and workers in this sector, wages and information on exports and imports. Our officers also retrieved socio-demographic data, listings of competitors, information on consumer habits … »

Chocolate Market in Canada

This information research was about the chocolate market in Canada, specifically in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Our officers retrieved a lot of data on consumer habits and trends as well as on Canadian chocolate imports. They also found listings of chocolate manufacturing companies in Canada and financial indicators related to this sector. These precise … »

Defence and Security in Canada and the United States

This research was about finding more information on defence and security in Canada and in the United States: the number of gun related crimes and the number of police actions involving firearms, the number of Canadian and American soldiers currently serving, a listing of companies in the defence and security sector, the number of bullet-proof … »

Universities and Engineering Schools in France and Belgium

This research, as part of a foreign recruitment mission, allowed us to obtain a listing of universities and engineering schools in France and Belgium offering engineering programs (land management, automation, electrical, electronic, environmental, civil, process, general, computer, materials, mechanical, information systems engineering), as well as a list of associations of engineering graduates in France.   … »

Methanization in Quebec, Canada, and Around the World!

This research allowed us to provide market information regarding research and development on methanization: data and statistics, interest, study, feasibility, methanization in the World, methanization in Quebec and Canada and research centres and universities in Quebec studying methanization.     Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know … »

Goat Business in Quebec

This research gave us an overview of the goat business in Quebec: Information about potential customers (consumption, behaviour, habits and food preferences of Quebecois), goat, lamb and beef meat prices, a list of goat products on the market (cuts of meat and processed products).       Please Note: Our researches are the property of … »

Microbreweries in Quebec

Research about the existing sales network in the Quebec microbrewery sector, consumer trends, Quebec household expenditures on microbrewery items, a listing of used bar and restaurant equipment vendors and a listing of Quebecois micro-brewers and their specialities.       Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know … »

Medical Oxygen Market in the United States

This research allowed us to define, for the American region, the number of COLD patients (chronic obstructive lung disease), the domestic oxygen market, the oxygen equipment market, the number of hospitals and beds in the United States, and has given us information on medical transport.       Please Note: Our researches are the property … »

Cherry Trees and Edible Honeysuckles Market in France and Switzerland

This research allowed our clients to get to know the cherry trees and edible honeysuckles market (i.e. Canadian cherry exports, production and marketing of cherries in France and Switzerland, as well as the marketing of edible honeysuckles in France and Switzerland). Ressources Entreprises has also provided them with a list of small fruits and fruit … »

Vending Machine Operators in Quebec

This research allowed us to get a picture of the line of business of vending machine operators in Quebec, a listing of operators as well as financial data for this highly specific line of business.       Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know more about … »

European Dirtsurfing Market

This research allowed us to find information about the evolution of the level of interest in dirtsurfing in Europe, publications and one press review on the subject, a list of offered products in that market and a listing of manufacturers in this line of business.       Please Note: Our researches are the property of … »

Delicatessen shops market evolution in Quebec!

Research on the evolution of the local delicatessen shops and imported fine-food market in Quebec City and in Quebec, market trends and growth prospects regarding star products and consumer trends.       Please Note: Our researches are the property of our customers. If you wish to know more about a particular research, please contact … »