Find Permits and Licences

permis et licences

Use the Canada Business Network search tool to find out which permits and licenses might apply to your business. It should be noted that some provinces and municipalities might not be able to provide information on your research and that not all industrial sectors are included. Furthermore, your business might have to comply with other regulations or obligations that are not related to permits or licenses.


For further research about the rights and obligations of your line of business, use the online service PerLE:

PerLE is very useful for Canadian enterprises, as it helps them determine which permits or licenses they need and how to get them. To do so, users simply have to choose which activities they consider undertaking. Then, PerLE automatically generates a list of all required permits and licenses by governments (Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal), including crucial information on these permits and licenses.




To find out which permits, licenses and regulations apply specifically to your business or project, contact our advisers who will perform this detailed research for you :